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The Snow Sewer

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Tue Jan 23 2018, 03:54AM Print View
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Joined: Sat May 20 2017, 03:17PM
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Does anyone out there know anything about this drain which connects to the head of Warping Drain?
I came across some info on the web which says that following a pollution incident in the late 70's fish were transferred from Warping Drain into the Snow Sewer. Apparently they flourished and today the drain is 'teeming' with roach, tench and bream. But that's the only onformation I can find. Looking at the sat photo of the area the Snow Sewer is seperated from Warping Drain by what looks like a pumping station which I assume would prevent the passage of fish from one drain to the other. The watercourse downstream of the pumping station looks very overgrown and it is some distance before Warping Drain shows itself so I guess that not many anglers attempt to fish this section.The photo also shows that the Snow Drain might also be of a good depth as its colour is greenish as opposed to a parrallel drain which is very brown. Any info anyone?

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Wed Jan 24 2018, 02:39AM

Joined: Sun Jul 24 2011, 09:26AM
Posts: 853
Sorry i cannot help you mate. I did find out some info but nothing about the questions you are asking.

[ Edited Wed Jan 24 2018, 02:42AM ]
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Wed Jan 24 2018, 04:11AM
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Joined: Fri Apr 12 2013, 02:28AM
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Hi TelBoy. Your really winding the clock back now !!. The pollution incident did happen as you say in the 70's. as for it "teeming" with fish today, that is a real fishermans tale. Time has evolved a great deal since those days and a lot of things have changed with modern farming practices etc. The Snow sewer itself is not very wide or, very deep, but as you say does connect into the pumping station at the head of the warping drain which is used to pump the excess water from the surrounding farm land. The pumping station works automatically and when the surrounding dyke waters get to a certain level the valves open and drain the excess water into the Warping drain. It works by pumping water from the land to the Warping drain so does prevent passage from the Warping drain back into the dykes. As for any fish remaining in the Snow Sewer today would be very doubtful as the sewer dyke and many other surrounding dykes have been dug out and maintained countless times over the past decades to keep them clear for land drainage. I feel sure that the Snow Sewer and surrounding area isn't free to access as it is on private farm land which is well worth noting!! as some farmers get a bit excited when they see unfamiliar vehicles and strangers on their land. Hope this helps.
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Wed Jan 24 2018, 09:37AM

Joined: Sun Jul 24 2011, 09:26AM
Posts: 853
I knew somebody would come up with some info. Cheers Paul.
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Wed Jan 24 2018, 05:55PM
Registered Member #1122
Joined: Sat May 20 2017, 03:17PM
Posts: 7
Thanks for the info Polo. I must admit that it did seem a bit improbable that a water 'teeming' with fish would remain virtually unknown in this day and age. And thinking about it, assuming that fish were actually transferred into the Snow Sewer in the first place it would seem odd that they would be left there (in a far from ideal environment going by your description) and not transferred back into the Warping Drain once the polution problem had cleared.
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Thu Feb 08 2018, 12:45PM
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Joined: Sun Nov 06 2011, 04:53PM
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i enjoyed reading about that great info (Polo) m8
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Thu Feb 08 2018, 02:35PM
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Joined: Sun Jul 24 2011, 08:21AM
Posts: 112
That reminded me of the small drain that runs alongside the River Idle not far from me,a drain you could literally jump across,we caught pike to 12lb from it.Its just a well dredged ditch now.But I was 13 at that time,just a mere 52 years ago.My god! I feel old now😀.
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